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10:07pm 24/07/2002
mood: satisfied
my paid account expires tomorrow. i'm moving to hellokatie. feel free to add me if you're still interested in reading me.

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08:57pm 19/07/2002
mood: broke
i am broke as a joke. this sucks.

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09:17pm 17/07/2002
mood: exhausted
this is my friend leslie. i met her at work. she needs more LJ friends, so if you want to add her as a friend, feel free. she's cool. :]

i am exhausted. work was sooo freakin' long. at the end of the day, i felt very strange. i think it was because of the aspirin i took for my headache. dave went out after work, so i decided to go to the mall & spend money i don't have. i don't have any actual money until a week from friday, so i charged a pair of sunglasses that i don't need, a top, some boy cut undies, 3 bras & hello kitty bandaids, stickers & lipgloss. uh huh. i was tempted to buy a jean skirt, but i didn't do it. i just kind of got a new one because leslie & i made a trade... she gave me a jean skirt, i gave her perfume. i need new work clothes, mine are getting to be really pathetic. i have plenty of play clothes. i need to start buying clothes that fit me better. i don't like looking dumpy, it makes me feel really blah.

i miss dave. i'm lonely. i'm not used to him being gone at night.

i'm moving journals august 1st. i'm all excited about it for some odd reason. i hope i can make cool icons.

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aww, how sweet!   
09:04pm 11/07/2002
mood: okay

where are YOU from?|iced.envy.nu

i'm destined to live by stacie!

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08:39pm 11/07/2002
mood: complacent
Dear dear Virgo, you do wear your heart on your sleeve. And today this is especially so. You care deeply for your fellow man, which is why it pains you so to see the injustices in the world. You may feel that there is nothing that you, a single human being can do, but that is not true. You can make a difference. In fact, you already have. Take some quiet time today to reflect upon your life. You will feel good about all that you have done, and energized to do even more.

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06:02pm 29/06/2002
mood: happy
this is the car i just bought!!!

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10:14am 29/06/2002
mood: confused
the panties i wore lastnight are on the kitchen floor. it appears that someone ran water over them, squeezed them out & threw them on the floor.

neither dave nor i know what the hell that is all about. i've never blacked out before. it's weird not knowing what i did lastnight!

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09:46pm 27/06/2002
mood: uncomfortable
i went to a britney spears concert a few weeks ago. it was really really good. i'll go see her again anytime. we had really good seats. she actually sang three songs & the dancing & special effects were really cool.

i've been trying to buy a car. i was looking for celicas, then civics, & now i'm looking at rav4's. car shopping is so stressful.

i'm really glad stacie liked her bday presents.

happy birthday stacie!!!!

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07:41pm 27/06/2002
mood: hungry

Whats Your Sexual Personality?
this quiz was made by Val

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the google thingy...   
09:31pm 26/06/2002
mood: weird
Katie is a very hard-working actress and as we've
seen recently, she's able to produce some fine work.

Katie is still doing fine!

Katie is a young woman with talent and a wealth
of experience in both live, and recording studio work.

Katie is fearless.

Katie is a GPL'd revision control system, somewhat like
a cross between CVS and NFS.

Katie is my daughter, nearly 10 years old.

Katie is the mole.

katie is a slacker, but we still like her.

Katie is playing the Character of "Alex".

Katie is loved by her friends and known as a great listener.

Katie is a horny hot blonde that likes to fuck.

Like many young babies, Katie is learning about

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08:40pm 25/06/2002
mood: blah
Favorite Food: italian
Favorite Pizza Topping: mushrooms
Favorite Fruit: strawberries, tomatoes
Favorite Vegetable: corn(on the cob), zucchini, lettuce
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07:54am 18/06/2002
mood: discontent
i want to take the fat from my tummy & move it to my ass.
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11:49am 11/06/2002
mood: energetic
i'm updating from vancouver. having a wonderful time on our trip so far. spent two days in downtown seattle & then rented a car & came up here. i love seattle. i could totally move there. missmelissa, we're coming back down there tomorrow. now that we have a rental car, i can meet you anywhere. email me & let me know how i can get a hold of you!

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i did it!   
05:08pm 01/06/2002
mood: giddy
i decided on getting my rook pierced. click to see it. it was a really great experience. leslie went after me & i got to watch her get hers done. she pierced her tragus. i wanted a barbell, but he talked me into the hoop. i'll get it changed to a barbell later on. it hurt, but was nothing i couldn't handle. i love adrenaline.

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suggestions, please!!   
10:12am 01/06/2002
mood: good
getting pierced today. which is cuter & less painful...?

anti-tragus, rook or daith?

please let me know what you think!

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